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The Achilles’ heel of superbugs that survive salty dry conditions

Nosocomial infection is an infectious disease acquired from hospitals or other healthcare facilities. It is also known as hospital-acquired infection or healthcare associated infection. These infections are normally spread to the immunocompromised patients, particularly those who are admitted to the intensive care unit, causing severe... click to read more

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published on Apr 24, 2023
Drought may have prompted the Vikings’ departure from Greenland

Norse settlers, led by Erik the Red, developed the Eastern Settlement on southern Greenland in 985 CE. The Norse farmers raised cattle and sheep on cleared pastureland for sustenance. The settlement became quite successful and its estimated population reached to about 2000 people.  Then suddenly, they... click to read more

  • Boyang Zhao | Postdoctoral Research Associate at Brown University
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published on Apr 20, 2023
Hate heatwaves? Droughts? How about both at the same time?

Have you noticed a surge in heatwaves in the last decade? Heatwaves are becoming more common and so are their negative effects. So how do we alleviate these negative impacts? Most answers to this question involve using water directly or indirectly. European cities, for example,... click to read more

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published on Jul 16, 2021
One root for every soil: a double-personality tale

In biology, life success is based on the ability to have offspring. For that, before reproduction, organisms must deal with different and sometimes unfriendly situations. The capacity to overcome environmental challenges increases the possibility to have descendants, and will determine then that organism's life success. A... click to read more

  • Laura Lorenzo | PhD student at Department of Plant Biology, Section of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Geneva, Switzerland
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published on Sep 12, 2017