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Sharing a political ideology predicts more similar brain activity

Over the past 30 years, the ideological divide has grown wider, and negative feelings between ideologues have strengthened. Despite this pressing issue we do not have a good understanding of the neurobiology of political polarization. Given prior research showing that holding different beliefs can lead... click to read more

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published on Sep 1, 2023
How do people see, simplify, and solve problems?

Everyday life often gives us new problems to solve. For example, imagine flying back from a relaxing vacation and your return trip includes a layover in a new city. You’ve just landed at your connecting destination but learn that the next flight has been canceled.... click to read more

  • Mark Ho | Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology
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published on Aug 25, 2023
Women are human too, but not according to the internet

You probably don’t need a dictionary to define the word “human.”  This concept is (theoretically) a simple catch-all for all human beings, regardless of characteristics like age, race, or gender. In many applications—such as concerning “human rights”—it is important that this concept include everyone. In... click to read more

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published on Jul 21, 2023
Deaf to arguments? How conspiracy beliefs shape opposition to wind farms

Global climate goals require a massive increase in renewable energy sources. Wind energy plays a crucial role here, but wind projects often face resistance from the local population. Why do people oppose wind farms in their community and how can this resistance be overcome? As... click to read more

  • Kevin Winter | Post-Doctoral Researcher at Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
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published on Jun 12, 2023
Can Training Make Policing Fairer and More Effective?

There has been a growing call for police reform in the U.S. in recent years, particularly since the murder of George Floyd in 2020. Of particular interest has been training programs and reforms that focus on police treatment of individuals in high-crime communities. Little social... click to read more

  • David Weisburd | Professor at George Mason University & Hebrew University
  • Cody Telep | Professor at Arizona State University
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published on May 22, 2023