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climate and disease

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Recent Rapid Changes in Antarctic Sea Ice Coverage

Sea ice spreads over vast areas of both the north and south polar regions, especially in the respective winters, and is a significant component of the polar climate system. Sea ice reflects far more of the sun's radiation that reaches it than liquid water does.... click to read more

  • Claire Parkinson | Climate Change Senior Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory, USA
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published on Jan 8, 2020
The saiga antelope is hit by a meteorological bullet

Saiga, a central Asian antelope, known for their bizarre facial features and as a unique survivor of the Pleistocene, is facing a crisis. In May of 2015, when their population was finally recovering from poaching during the collapse of the Soviet Union, reaching a quarter... click to read more

  • Richard Kock | Professor at Pathobiology and Population Sciences, The Royal Veterinary College, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
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published on Nov 21, 2018