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An Emerging Era: Wearable Breast Ultrasonography at Home

Breast cancer is a long-lasting global health challenge, and its early detection plays an important role in improving survival rates. Ultrasound is one of the most common methods of medical imaging for breast cancer, as it uses high-frequency sound waves to image the body's internal... click to read more

  • Canan Dagdeviren | Associate Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Lara Ozkan | Undergradute Student Researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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published on May 10, 2024
Chemotherapy and heart failure

One of the chemotherapy treatment options for patients with breast cancer usually includes multiple cycles of therapies based on an intravenous medication of a group called anthracyclines. During the last two decades, the percentage of cure and response rates for cancer patients undergoing this treatment... click to read more

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published on Mar 25, 2024
Ten cigarettes in a bottle of wine for cancer

Do you drink one small glass of wine a day? Four pints of beer a week? Did you know drinking at even these relatively low levels can increase your risk of cancer? Less than 15% of the population are aware of a link between alcohol... click to read more

  • Theresa Hydes | Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Southampton, Hampshire, UK
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published on Aug 9, 2019
Aluminium in antiperspirants: an effective tool or a breast cancer threat?

Aluminium is the most abundant metal in Earth's crust. Due to its abundance and to its remarkable physical and chemical properties - it is lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion - aluminium is widely present in many different industrial products, including sunscreens, lipsticks, toothpastes, anti-acid... click to read more

  • Stefano Mandriota | Research Director at Laboratoire de cancérogenèse environnementale, Fondation des Grangettes, Geneva, Switzerland
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published on Feb 9, 2017