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Protein restriction

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How low protein diets promote healthy aging

Age-related, life-threatening diseases – including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes – are a growing problem worldwide as we increasingly live longer. As a result, there is great interest in finding ways to promote healthy aging by delaying or preventing these diseases. Restricting calorie intake has long... click to read more

  • Dudley W. Lamming | Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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published on Jun 8, 2021
The role of maternal malnutrition on Zika virus congenital effects

During pregnancy, a variety of complex processes are orchestrated to develop healthy tissues and organs of the developing fetus. Although there are buffering mechanisms that prevent development from being disturbed, some factors could lead to malformations. These factors are known as teratogens. Some pathogens causing... click to read more

  • Jimena Barbeito-Andrés | Assistant Researcher at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina
  • Patricia Pestana Garcez | Principal Investigator at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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published on Oct 27, 2020