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Content: Volume 9, Issue 4

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Take Them Outside: Cold Air Helps Croup Symptoms in Kids

Croup is a common infection that mainly affects babies and young children from six months to three years old. Croup symptoms include a characteristic barking cough that predominantly occurs during the night, a hoarse voice and a squeaky, high-pitched noise when breathing in. Although most... click to read more

  • Zoé Valbret | PhD Student at University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
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published on Jan 3, 2024
Likely increase in coral thermal tolerance at a Pacific archipelago

Coral reefs are remarkable ecosystems estimated to harbour over a quarter of all marine biodiversity. They create habitat for seafood species that in turn provide protein for millions of people, support coastal tourism and fisheries and protect coastal communities from storms and flooding. Yet, reef-building... click to read more

  • Liam Lachs | PhD candidate at Newcastle University
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published on Dec 29, 2023
Earth’s large lakes are shrinking

Lakes are a crucial source of Earth's freshwater, providing various ecosystem and socioeconomic services. They offer water and food supply, habitats for waterbirds, nutrient cycling, recreational activities, navigation, and hydropower generation. The usesof lakes are heavily influenced by their water volumes, which can be affected... click to read more

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published on Dec 27, 2023
Is evolution predictable?

RNA molecules are one of the key biomolecules of life as they appear in organisms as catalysts, building blocks, and information carriers. RNA is made up of sequences of chemical `letters’ called nucleotides, similar to the chemicals that make up DNA sequences. RNA sequences can... click to read more

  • Kamaludin Dingle | Professor at Gulf University for Science and Technology and The California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
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published on Dec 22, 2023
How the immune response to a common virus may target the brain in multiple sclerosis

Over 2.8 million individuals are living with multiple sclerosis (MS) which occurs when the brain and spinal cord become damaged due to inflammation. Persons with MS (pwMS) experience various symptoms such as vision disturbance, cognitive dysfunction and problems with balance and mobility. Around 85% of... click to read more

  • Olivia Thomas | Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Karolinska Institutet
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published on Dec 20, 2023