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Content: Volume 9, Issue 2

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A laser proton accelerator targeting tumors in mice

After developing the first laser in 1960, Theodore Maiman dubbed it “a solution looking for a problem”. Now, lasers are among the most important problem solvers in your everyday life: Your glasses are bothering you? Lasers! You want to get rid of that tattoo spelling... click to read more

  • Florian Kroll | PostDoctoral Researcher and Beamline scientist   at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
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published on Jun 16, 2023
Prickly prospects for cacti under climate change

Negative human impacts on nature have resulted in what some have come to call a new mass extinction event. The effects of direct processes such as habitat destruction and poaching are relatively easy to understand. The results of more gradual, indirect factors like climate change... click to read more

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published on Jun 14, 2023
Deaf to arguments? How conspiracy beliefs shape opposition to wind farms

Global climate goals require a massive increase in renewable energy sources. Wind energy plays a crucial role here, but wind projects often face resistance from the local population. Why do people oppose wind farms in their community and how can this resistance be overcome? As... click to read more

  • Kevin Winter | Post-Doctoral Researcher at Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
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published on Jun 12, 2023
Man-made check dams alter tadpole growth and activity

Man-made check dams are common in our streams and rivers and are known to be effective soil and water conservation structures. Of course, they do help us in retain the soil carried by torrents from the mountains and act as artificial water sources for our... click to read more

  • Jithin V. | Junior Research Fellow at Wildlife Institute of India
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published on Jun 7, 2023
How cellular transport can be explained with a flip book

Transport belongs to the most important mechanisms in all living cells. To transport substances in and out of the cell, proteins form transporters in the cellular membranes. One kind of transporters, the so-called ABC-transporters, can be found in almost all organisms, from bacteria to humans.... click to read more

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published on Jun 5, 2023