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Dr. Rik Voorhaar

Senior Scientific Editor

About Rik

Rik has always been fascinated with analyzing and modelling the world around him. He has been interested in areas as diverse as mechanical and civil engineering, rocket science, biology and fundamental physics. He started his academic career in pure mathematics, but at the same time, he developed a passion for data science and machine learning. In the middle of his PhD he decided to completely switch research direction and now studies applied mathematics and machine learning. He also keeps a blog where he toys with diverse topics in data science.

Rik is the editor of 13 Breaks:

A surprisingly geologically active Venus – evidence for recent volcanic and tectonic activity

The surface of Venus is littered with ring-shaped structures called “coronae”, whose formation is often linked to tectonic and volcanic activity in the past. Yet, using computer simulations that mimic their formation, we show how these structures provide unique insights into the present-day dynamics of Venus’ interior. We identify dozens of locations on Venus with rising magma underneath.

Jun 17, 2021 | 4.5 min read