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Hidden in plain sight: how an invisible ring in the sky uncovered a past cosmic collision

Our understanding of the universe relies on what we see and what we make of it. For millennia, humans studied the cosmos based on what our eyes can see. Yet, the colors and light our eyes pick up make up only a small sampling of... click to read more

  • Keri Hoadley | Assistant Professor at California Institute of Technology, University of Iowa, Iowa, USA
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Reading time 3.5 min
published on Sep 8, 2021
The escape of the Sun’s fraternal twin

Roughly half of all stars are in multiple systems (binaries, triples etc), which means that two or more stars orbit each other because of their mutual gravitational pull. For stars of about the mass and age of the Sun, the average separation between companion stars... click to read more

  • Sarah Sadavoy | Hubble Fellow at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, United States
  • Steven Stahler | Associate Researcher at University of California, Berkeley, Department of Astronomy, Berkeley, United States
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Reading time 3.5 min
published on May 8, 2018